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Friday, 18 May 2018

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Best books for getting started in Python

Hello everyone, this is me Shekolla.

From past 4 months I have been studying Python as a beginner and learnt a lot and also made many mistakes in the learning process, the main purpose I'm writing this post is to help out the beginner like me who choose to learn Python and to eliminate the mistakes I made choosing the wrong material while studying the Python.
So before going any further here are the books and courses, I suggest to go through for enhancing our learning experience.

Here are the Best Python books and course

"A Byte of Python" by Swaroop C H (free)

                         What so special about the book, here is the answer it's the best Python introduction book I have read. Literally in this book the author explains everything crisp clearly how the interpreter works and what so special about Python which stands out from the other programming languages and what makes it create such a mark in the coming future.
                        The best part for me is the way the author explains the most complicated topics the easiest way, the topics such as function, modules, files and the OOPs concept which are nightmare for the beginners, explains the best way possible and will make you fall in love with Python and whats most interesting is that the book is free to download, here is the link A Byte of Python thank me later :P

"Python Crash Course" by Eric Matthes (paid)

                           If you ask me one complete book where you can learn everything about Python then without thinking any further, instantly I would suggest this book.
                          This book is for both beginners and intermediate, it starts from basics goes through Data visualization and ends with web development everything in one single book and what's more interesting is that after every course there would be a task assigned
                         The best part about this book is that everything the author explains in a project based manner so you would understand quicking and better for applying what you have learned.
Link for buying the book Python Crash Course

"Automating the Boring Stuff with Python"  by Al Sweigart (paid)

                  This is the other book which much the below two books,  here in this book the author explains for basics to advance automating. This book is for both beginners and intermediate. Link for buying the book
                By this book, one can art the process of automation and what more awesome is there is a dedicated Udemy online course based on this book, you can visit the online course by clicking the below link

"Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python" by MIT professor Eric Grimson (Free to Audit)

           This is an online course by MIT Prof. Eric Grimson on EDX portal coming to this course you will not only learn Python and also have a complete overview on the computer science itself and what's more awesome is that this course is free, only you have to pay for the certification. 
          Don't think much go for it an online course by an MIT Prof. and free to audit match made in heaven. Here is the link for the course 

"Python for Data Science" by UCSanDiegoX (Free to Audit)

                                  If you're into Data science then, this course is the best available right now in the market. The course takes off with what is data science basics and why using Python for the data science.
                                  This course also teaches you the basics in the optional week if you're not so familiar with Python programming and the core subjects like Numpy, Pandas and the use of Jupyter Notebook showcased beautifully by completing this course one can have a clear outlook on what Data Science is and how we can contribute or benefit from it.
                                 Coming to the course it's free to audit, the certification is bit expensive but worth for what you're paying for. Here is the link for the course Python for Data Science
These are the best courses and books I suggest as per my knowledge and also if there are any concern regarding or grammatical mistakes please let me know as I'm new to blogging.
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                                                                                                                Best Regards,

Hello, world!

This is Shekolla Sai Kiran, I'm a Python coder and would love to learn more or contribute towards it.
      I choose Python as my favorite programming language because of three main reasons :
  1. Easy to learn, no syntax and Indentation God! you will definitely fall in love with it 
  2. The mammoth library and the large community, it's better because you will have a lot of people helping you out when you are stuck at a point or something
  3. The vast application of it, yes you heard it right Python is used everywhere like in Machine Learning, Data Science, GUI with the help of Tkinter and Kivy and also in Web development using Django and Flask
I'm also a Tech freak will definitely let you know what are the best products you can by with the highest price to value ratio, So stay tuned to my blog :P